Dec. 19, 2018     Hi y'all,  Ivy had her puppies.  First one born 6:30 A.M. and last one born 11:45 A.M..  Four girls and three boys.  One of the boys, big, wasn't half way out of the birth canal and he was sucking away- hungry bugger.  Susan and Greg didn't get much sleep last night.  Greg will get the total number of boys rounded up to make sure that those that wanted boys have them...  There was some concern about deposits sent in, if it's for girls (as the New Yorkers would say-  "don't worry about it".  As I said earlier, Greg will get the final total probably tomorrow.    Judy's pups are doing great- They're past the baking potatoe stage of growth.  They're moved into their new abode, "the white room".  White with bright blue carpeting is fabulous...  Talk to you soon...      Cali

Dec. 10, 2018    Hi y'all,   For those of us that don't know me,  I'm Judy's maternal GREAT granny.  Am I so proud!!!  Judy just had her pups.  Seven...   Surprised the heck out of Susan and Greg last night. Started having them a little after eight and finished before midnight.  All deliveries went great.  Two boys and five girls.  My daughter, Quest, was also surprised.  She was laying on Greg's lap when all of a sudden a puppy was screaching.  She was ready to spring into action...  Puppy... Puppy... Puppy!!!!  Lucky that Greg grabbed a hold of her.  She can be a bit bossy with her daughter.  Sussan, Greg, Judy and the new born went downstairs to the whelping room.  All that the rest of us could do was to pace back and forth in front of the door leading to the basement.  Greg will be going in a little while to get some beef broth and vanilla ice-cream for Judy.  Lucky snot (Judy).  Judy sure was trusting of Susan and Greg.  As soon as each puppy was dried off,  Susan would hand the pup off to Greg and he would put it in the warming and Judy would concentrate on having the next one and not worry at all about the previous ones.    Til next time---Cali

 Hi y'all-    Finally the mid term elections are over!  I hid from all the campaigning- away from TV and Radio ADs.  We at Top Flight Goldens are nonpolitical-as long as you take care of Grandkids, I'm fine.  Whatever political or nonpolitical ideas you carry are your own problem not mine!  All I want is to retrieve during the day and cuddle at night.

That being said, Judy has done some urpiness and morning sickness.  Ivy hasn't exhibited that yet.  We're about ready to take Judy to the Vet for ultrasound-  Can't do it too early, need some body development to show up on the little tikes.

We had some snow late yesterday and over night.  It stuck to the ground!  We, all, loved rolling in it this mornin.

May the cheese Curds of Happiness be with Y'all til next time...     CALI

Thur. Nov. 8, 2018    Cali here!  It sprinkled a little snow over night.  19 degrees above zero.   Still white over the landscape.  My daughter and her cohorts just love rolling in the snow and eating it.  In the house, Judy is not as rambunctious but more easy going.  Still loves to get on Greg's lap for some bonding time!  Gets her mother, Quest, very jealous!  But Quest is very patient.  She waits her turn and as soon as Judy gets off, she gets permission to get on Greg's lap and holds her head up high in a prima donna posture.  Going to the Vet's tomorrow (Fri) appointment at eleven for ultrasound.  Wonder if I can talk Greg into getting me some cheese curds from Arby's.  He's a easier push over than Susan.    Til next time----     Cali

Fri.  Nov. 9th       Hello!  It's COLD!  15*!  Todays the day.  I get to see how many grandkids I have-  ultrasound!  She ate well.  We got some more snow.  The windshields are all covered over again.  On the t v they're saying in the twin cities, traffic is delayed by 30 minutes.  That's ok, we're not leaving to the vets till 10 o'clock.  We'll let you guys know what the vet says as soon as we get back home.    Til then,  Cali signing off

Sat. Nov. 10th  Grreaaat!  10*      Windchill of about 2*.  Got a light powdering of snow.  JUST perfect for those pheasants to leave nice foot prints!  Can't convince Greg to take a walk out in the field.  My daughter Quest would just love it.  OK!  Now for the information about the ultrasound on Judy that we're all waiting for.....  First, when the technicians put her on her back, she was a sweetheart.  She and Greg nuzzled noses and she listen to sweet nothings from him.  Didn't squirm a bit.   They shaved her belly and she has 9 nipples-plenty to feed the young ones.  Doctor Rice counted 7.  So, we know that there are a minimum of 7 and possibly 2 to 3 more that might be hiding.  Going into the clinic, she was just a tugging.  Coming out of the clinic to Mrs. Brown (our suv's name) she walked a perfect heel, as if to say- now that I know the results, I can take it easy.  Til next time....  Cali

Sat. Nov 10th    Yep!  I'v been concentrating my attention on my daughter, but can't forget my housemate- Ivy.  Last few days she's been showing signs of morning sickess by eating her food slooowly. But, she would eat it all up.  This morning, it was very slow.  Greg had to sweet talk her to keep eating.  Eventually, she ate about 3/4 of her food and that was it.  She's, also, moping around.  Next friday we have a vet appointment for ultrasound.  She's a kind and easy going gal. Sticks to greg like a wood tick.  He gets up, she's up.  He starts walking, she's along side of him in a perfect heel without being told.  So quiet that you'd swear that she wasn't in the house.
Take Care!  Signing off-    Cali

Sat. Nov. 17th    Greg and Susan took Ivy in for an ultrasound  yesterday (fri.)., laid there upside down without moving.  Vet says there are 8 or 9 little ones in there.  I've been a bit concerned with Ivy's morning sickness- didn't eat for two days!  But, apparently, the road trip and the vet visit stimulated things...  She ate well last night and this morning.  Also, acting her normal self.    Back to Judy, she's doing well,  eating like a horse and very active, competing with her mother (Quest) for Greg's attention.  Greg's working on the whelping rooms.  Floor needs to be painted.  We have one called the WHITE ROOM and the other called the BLUE ROOM.   Named so because of the color of the floor.  Today was the start of Wisconsin's gun deer hunting season.  Greg decided not to go this year.  I see where his priorities are (puppies).  It's 11 o'clock and 20 degrees.  Truth be known, I think Greg doesn't feel like freezing his butt off out in  the woods...  Susan and Greg have themes for puppy names each litter- only for their purpose, then the new owners give them their own names.  Example- Judy's litter was presidential names and first ladies-  Judy was Lady Bird- named after pres. Johnson's wife.  This years theme is  Christmas Holiday's names.   If anyone has ideas, email greg.  You can send several  names.  Greg will need, atleast 15 to 18 names.  They can be of any denomination.  Thanks in advance.    Cali

Tues. Nov. 20th    Ivy has been eating greatly since saturday.  Morning sickness bout is over.  Both girls bouncing around outside, wrestling, and all around horseplay.  Duke joins in the fun, but Quest likes enforcing her role as pack leader especially on her daughter, Judy.  We recieved a new name for one of the pups while in their first 7 weeks at home, (Xmas theme)- "Rudoph".  Good one!  With his nose so bright, should be able to flush the pheasant out even at night!  That should be such a sight!  Even Susan will be able to see in that light!    Susan and Greg are going to Eau Claire, WI for an early Thanks Giving  dinner with family today.  They're eager to see youngest granddaughter- Evelyn.  I'll be making sure that everything is going normal here at home.  Duke might be going along, Lucky Dog!  Remember, you don't have to be buying a pup to submit a "Christmas Theme" name for the puppies.  By the way, the way Judy barges through things, whether it's the pack or cover outside that might have a bird or rabbit in it, it's like a tank-no fear.  I like seeing that sight.  Someone will really have fun out in the field next summer- whether it's one of Judy's or Ivy's pup.  Well, it's 6:40 A.M., gots to remind Greg to have his morning coffee and put the clothes in the dryer.  Those human friends of mine keep me constantly going, going and going!  Oh have I got a pheasant/parrot joke-but that'll be for next time.  Cali signing off



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