Purchase Agreement


All Top Flight Golden Retrievers pups carry a 26-month congenital health warranty. This warranty covers congenital hip, eye, and heart defects, as deemed by a veterinary Specialist, practicing in the respective specialty. All parents of Top Flight Golden Retrievers litters are required to have hip certifications from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - OFA, eye certifications from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation - CERF, and heart certifications - SAS.

OFA, CERF, and SAS clearances of both of the parents Does Not preclude that the offspring they produce will be free from genetic defects affecting their hips, eyes or heart. Regardless of the genetic health of the parents, there is no possible way to guarantee that a puppy will be free of any or all, genetic defects. This warranty is therefore offered as recourse if a problem develops.

All puppies are sold in good faith. No dog is sold for any specific use or guarantee of performance, such as stud dog, brood bitch, field trial contender, show contender, therapy dog, alert dog etc.

The Buyer is the sole responsible party for the care and maintenance of the puppy upon leaving our premises. Top Flight Golden Retrievers will not assume financial responsibility or liability for veterinary exams, vaccinations, diagnosis, or treatments. This warranty covers genetic defects of hips, eyes, heart that prevent the dog from functioning normally as determined by a licensed veterinary specialist practicing in the field of concern.


This puppy is sold to the Buyer under Limited Registration Only.  This means that any puppy produced by your dog cannot be AKC registered until Full Registration is granted by me.

Full Registration will be granted at no charge to the Buyer after the dog reaches two years of age and ALL of the following conditions are met:

1. The dog's hips must be certified Fair, Good, or Excellent by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Penn Hip determinations ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. No Substitutions allowed.

 2. The dog must be certified "free of congenital heart defects" by a veterinary Cardiologist. (SAS)

 3. The dog's eyes must be examined and cleared by a Board Certified veterinary Opthamologist (CERF).

 4. The dog MUST achieve one or more of the following AKC or GRCA  Titles: FC, AFC, ***, MH, SH, JH, WCX, WC, TDX, TD, UDX, UD, or CH. Equivalent Titles from UKC/HRC will be considered equally acceptable.

The costs imposed by the AKC for updating the registration will be the responsibility of the breeder.

Top Flight Golden Retrievers reserves the right of first refusal prior to your selling or placing the dog with any Animal Shelter or Rescue Organization. ONLY in the instance of Severe Traumatic Injury or Terminal Medical Illness will euthanasia be considered for the dog.  Your dog is welcome home to Top Flight if you are unable to keep it.  This does not include a refund of the purchase price but is good for the entire lifetime of the dog.

Top Flight Golden Retrievers warrants the animal to be free of congenital defects of hip, eyes and heart through 26 Months of age. The Buyer agrees to provide the animal with suitable food, water, shelter, exercise, and veterinary care as outlined below. Documentation of compliance of the requirements specified in Parts 1 through 4 will be required to execute enforcement of the warranty.

Failure to provide the animal with the proper care listed in Parts 1 through 4 herein will VOID this Agreement.

Part 1 Suitable Food & Feeding Practices

A. Provide and feed the pup with a quality food source, containing substantial amounts of highly digestible, high quality protein. (Suggested products include Canidae, Eukanuba, Nutro, Nutrisource and Pro Plan.) Grain based foods DO NOT meet this requirement. Foods may and should contain some grains, but they should not be the primary ingredients.

B. Feed the pup Large Breed Puppy Food until the dog is 18 months old, or as directed by your Veterinarian.

C. Feed the pup in accordance with your veterinarian's instructions. DO NOT overfeed the puppy. Overfeeding causes unnecessary stress on its joints and skeletal structure.

D. Provide the pup with a constant supply of fresh clean water.

Part 2 Shelter

A. The Buyer agrees that the puppy will be a full time house dog.  Indoor crating is acceptable and encouraged.  A fenced yard is preferable, otherwise the dog must be exercised on a leash. At no time is the dog to be left alone outside.  Fences can be jumped over or dug under often with heartbreaking results.

B. Protection from wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, and other insects must be provided. 

Part 3 Exercise

A. The animal must be given substantial amounts of Low Impact physical exercise on surfaces that provide good footing, preferably swimming.

B. Excessive running on hard or slippery surfaces IS NOT acceptable.

C. Excessive jumping on hard or slippery surfaces IS NOT acceptable. Don't allow the puppy to jump from tailgates or other similar height structures.

Swimming is the best physical exercise for puppies and young dogs. Swimming promotes good strong muscular development with reduced risk of physical injury to joints and skeletal structure during the formative periods of development.

Part 4 Veterinary Care

Proper Veterinary care is critical for young puppies. Proper vaccinations, examinations, and Owner education are all necessary for proper development of the puppy.

A. A Documented Examination of your new dog by your Licensed Veterinarian MUST occur within 48 hours of receipt of the puppy. Your veterinarian will inform you as to the schedule of the series of vaccinations that are necessary for puppies.

B. Your pup will have received the first in a series of vaccinations at approximately 6 weeks of age. Booster shots should be administered at approximately 9 weeks, 12 weeks, and 15 weeks of age. Your Veterinarian will tailor the vaccines your dog receives to the region of the country in which you live. Compliance with your Veterinarians Schedule of Vaccinations IS REQUIRED.
Your puppy MUST be protected from heartworm disease, fleas and ticks.  Your Veterinarian should advise you on which medications work best in your area.

C. After the initial series of vaccinations, regular examinations are REQUIRED at a minimum of four month intervals for the remainder of the first year, six month intervals thereafter. This allows the Veterinarian to monitor the physical and emotional development, and offer suggestions to help you obtain optimum results with your dog.

Refund Policy

If the aforementioned conditions are met and the dog fails to receive a passing grade for one of the following due to genetic defect:

1.OFA certification for the hips

   2. OFA certification for the heart

  3.CERF certification for the eyes

Top Flight Golden Retrievers will offer the CHOICE OF ONE of the following options:

1. Return the Dog along with supporting documentation from OFA and CERF and the AKC Registration with ownership signed over to me.  I will refund the PURCHASE PRICE of the animal.

2. Return the dog along with supporting documentation from OFA and CERF and the AKC Registration with ownership signed over to me. I will REPLACE the animal with another puppy from a future litter.

3. Keep the Dog and Spay/Neuter the animal. Submit to me the supporting documentation from OFA and CERF. Provide supporting documentation of the spay/neuter procedure as well as a letter signed by the attending Veterinarian, testifying that the procedure was performed. I will Refund half the PURCHASE PRICE of the animal.

4. Keep the Dog and Spay/Neuter the animal. Submit to me the supporting documentation from OFA and CERF. Provide supporting documentation of the spay/neuter procedure as well as a letter signed by the attending Veterinarian, testifying that the procedure was performed. I will REPLACE* the animal with another puppy from an upcoming litter for one-half of the purchase price.

Other than as specified above, Top Flight Golden Retrievers offers no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied that will be binding upon the seller.

I have read, fully understand, and acknowledge the conditions of this Agreement, and the conditions listed in Parts 1 through 4 above as well as the warranty options available to me.

*Top Flight Golden Retrievers produces litters only occasionally, a wait of a year or more between litters is not uncommon.

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