HR Top Flight El Dorado JH

Duke is everything a Field Golden should be. Bird crazy, water loving, a sharp eyed marker and an eager pupil. He loves training as much as he loves people. Duke is a very calm dog even on the line, easy to direct and always alert. He is very stylish on retrieves and shows great perseverance in the field.  Duke will be running Senior Hunt Tests in the Spring of 2016.

At home he has a good on-off switch. He is great with other dogs, cats and kids. He is gentle and respectful of babies and the elderly. His favorite pastime is to lie belly up for anyone who will pet him. He likes to lie on our laps while we watch TV and and rub his feet. He is a great dad taking over for mom when she is outside, even to the point of licking the pups. When the pups are able to run about he lets them climb all over him and teaches them to chase him by luring them to follow him.  This dog truly has a "heart of gold". 



1624 210th Street, Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024

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