Maverick is athletic, well muscled and extremely intelligent with a very pleasant head and expression.  He has tons of drive and desire but is very biddable.  He has a true golden retriever personality.  "MAVERICK" is truly a dog for all seasons with his willingness to participate in anything that is asked of him and always tries his best to please. 

Amateur trained, he earned his Master Hunter title at 27 months of age, his CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) in 2018 with many compliments, his CDX  (Companion Dog Excellent) and his WDX  (Working Certificate Excellent) and his OS (Outstanding Sire) in the fall of 2019.  Maverick ended the 2018 Hunt Test seasons with 25 Master Hunter passes and ended the 2019 Hunt Test season with 33 Master Hunter passes.  

   THIS LITTER IS SOLD OUT  *                                                             TOP FLIGHTS IN A LEAGUE OF HER OWN, JH

Ivy is a perfect angel, unless you happen to be a bird.  She is focused, quiet at the line or blind, marks well and has a good water entry.  At home Ivy is the dog to sit quietly at your feet and follow you from room to room without demanding your constant attention.  She is a dark red girl, weighing in at about 68 pounds.  She gets along well with intact females and males, and all ages of people.  She is naturally very well mannered and always wants to please.  Please see her page for more details.
*We can put your name on a waiting list until the pups are born.                                                                                  

TOP FLIGHT'S JUDY IN DISGUISE WITH GLASSES                                                                                                                                                                  THIS LITTER IS SOLD OUT  
                                                                                            WAITING LIST IS AVAILABLE

Judy is a ball of fire, dark red and solidly built.  She is crazy about birds and has a fantastic water entry.  Judy is very alert, an excellent marker and a tireless worker in the field.  Come to think of it, Judy is pretty much tireless anywhere!  Her keen intelligence and willingness to partner with you has made her a joy to train.  Judy has developed a good on-off switch but it wasn't without effort on her part.  She loves people and dogs but does like to rile up the cat once in a while.  Her last breeding produced good solid pups with high prey drive.  We expect that this pairing with Maverick will produce pups that are not for the faint of heart!  These pups will need a job to do. Performance homes will be given priority.  These pups will have no less than 18 separate Field Dog Hall of Fame members in 5 years of their pedigree, 11 Qualified All Age dogs and 17 Outstanding Sires and Dams.  As always we will be available to help with training and questions for the life of your pup.          



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